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The Dance of the Dolphins - Challenge Day 68

The Dance of the Dolphins

Challenge Day 68 - Animal Day 7 - The Dance of the Dolphins

The Dance of the Dolphins

The dance of the dolphins

Happens late in the night,

When the moon is aglow

And no humans in sight.

All the sea creatures

Show up in large droves,

The blue whales beat their chest

And the beat starts to grow.

Star fish spin real quick,

Creating the scene,

Sending bubbles up through,

The dance floor in a sheen.

Blowfish create sounds,

With a light jazzy trill,

Blowing out air,

Through the side of their gill.

Minnows line up

To create a keyboard,

And the lobsters use their claws,

To strike the right chord.

The sea turtles strum softly,

Adding bass to the sound,

And sharks play their bongos

From their seats on the ground.

Next, the coral joins in,

A chorus of hums,

While the octopus bring their guitars,

And with eight legs they strum.

Sometimes there’s more,

Seahorses with French horns,

Clams with Oboe’s

And Sea Lions bring the popcorn.

But tonight is special,

The last dance of the year,

So the dolphins asked

Everyone to come here.

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