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The day that dogs stopped barking - Challenge Day 84

The day that dogs stopped barking

Challenge Day 84 - Animal Day 25

The day that dogs stopped barking

There was a day,

Not too long ago,

When all dogs stopped barking.

Why? No one knows.

The labs stopped barking,

The chihuahuas stopped yapping,

The hounds stopped whining

And the mastiffs kept napping.

Strangers came knocking,

Postmen all hurried,

No barks were heard,

Even the children were worried.

The silence grew on,

For more than an hour,

And nothing happened,

But the mood started to sour.

On the time went,

Without a peep or a yawn,

Dogs came and went,

Even some on the lawn.

But just before six,

Three hours no noise,

A brave little kid,

Grabbed the biggest dog toy.

His Golden Retriever, Ned,

Couldn’t help but say,

To wag and to bark,

And to beg for some play.

And just like that,

All was restored,

Every dog back,

Barking more.

And still no one

Knows why,

The dogs decided

To try.

No barking.

No whining.

No yelping,

Just silence.

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