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The Dolphins of Titan - Challenge Day 39

The Dolphins of Titan

Challenge Day 39 - Space Day 9 - The Dolphins of Titan

The Dolphins of Titan

Dolphins are aliens.

Well not all dolphins,

Just some of them.

And none of the young ones,

And just a few of the old ones,

It’s really just some of the teenagers.

They’re aliens.

You see,

Back in the 40’s,

Dolphins had already been to the moon

And most of the planets in our galaxy.

While we were focused on

Building our first car,

They had already perfected

Hydrogen powered rockets.

But one moon,

On one planet,

Had something they didn’t expect.



One of Jupiter’s moons,

Is completely inhabited by dolphins.

They’ve been there forever,

And they are the most advanced species

In our galaxy.

Titan Dolphins.

So our Earth dolphins came up with an idea,

What if we did an exchange program?

We could send some of our dolphins to them,

And they could send some of theirs to us.

They’d share with us their love of science and technology,

We’d let them eat our fish.

It was a win win.

Since the start of this,

Earth dolphins have advanced

To the third most advanced species in the galaxy,

Right behind the Marmosets of Mimas.

And the Dolphins of Titan

Have become Earth’s largest

Importer of Herring.

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