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The Forest - Challenge Day 43

The Forest

Challenge Day 43 - Space Day 13 - The Forest

The Forest (Day 13)

In the forest of Zanya,

Near the red sea of Tall,

Lives the monkeys of Nanos,

And that’s not all.

There are cows with no spots,

And some with too many,

Some with few legs,

And some who have twenty.

I’ve seen lions so bald,

They have not even one hair.

And lions so mangy,

There’s no skin they bare.

There are birds so bright,

They shine like the sun.

And some so dark,

They look like there’s none.

There are panthers all white,

Zebras with no stripes,

There are frogs that don’t ribbet,

And penguins that type.

I’ve seen things that I know,

And some that are weird,

There are things that are giants,

And some with a beard.

I’ve seen just about

Every creature to see,

But on this planet,

The most unique thing is me.

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