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The Kitchen - Challenge Day 11

The Kitchen

Challenge Day 11 - The Letter K - The Kitchen

The Kitchen

I’ve made it through

Ever other room,

But now is time for my biggest challenge.

The Kitchen.

I watch as the flames make

Their way up the cabinets.

Everything burns.

Nowhere is safe.

I throw a chair,

Then another.

I should have time to use these

Before they are engulfed.

I hop to the first,

No problem.

But as I leap,

I feel it slide.

Luckily, I have trained for this.

I just make it to the second chair

As the first one crumples

From the heat.

I jump again,

Hands flailing,

Feet searching for safety,

Mind racing.

I see it,

A stool I had missed earlier,

And if I could just use it to

Bounce to the island.

Made it.


That was close.

But it’s not over,

There’s still a lot of kitchen to cover.

I quickly move to the edge

And I’m able to make a small

Leap and cover the distance

To the counter.

From here I traverse

Around the stove,

Over the sink,

And to the refrigerator.

This is it,

The hardest part.

I have to find a way over

And there’s not much time left.

I try grabbing the handle,

It’s too far for me to reach.

But if I stretch,

I think I can reach my left foot.

But now what?

Well what if I try to open the door.

Perfect, I now have a place to grab,

All I need is to pull myself up.

Here we go,

I’m going to make it…

Something slips,

I still have my grip, but the shelf.

I go down, shelf in hand,

And fall into the fire.

I have failed,

It is my time.

The floor is lava.

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