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the lonely wolf cub - Challenge Day 69

the lonely wolf cub

Challenge Day 69 - Animal Day 8 - the lonely wolf cub

the lonely wolf cub

The lonely wolf cub

Is all alone,

No one is left

To call his own.

The day is long

And the nights are too,

There’s not much there

For him to do.

He used to be

Part of a large club,

But they’ve since left

He’s the only cub.

It’s getting late,

He should just go to sleep,

There’s no one to talk to,

Just his sleep sheep.

“Son, where are you?

Where have you been?

We been calling you name,

Since just after ten.”

“Dad, I’ve been here,

For three whole days.

Why didn’t you come sooner?

I thought you were on you way.”

“What are you saying?

It’s not been that long?

It’s been less than ten minutes,

Since you were gone.”


Well it felt like longer…”

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