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the missing planet - Challenge Day 41

the missing planet

Challenge Day 41 - Space Day 11 - the missing planet

the missing planet

I only count eight,

One, two, three, four,

Five, six, seven, eight.

Hey, are we missing a planet?

I believe there are supposed to be

Nine in this sector.

Yes sir,

Nine in this sector,

Nine planets accounted for.

I thought so,

But I am only seeing eight,

Can I get a recount?


Yes sir,

We have recounted,

Nine planets.

You’re killing me,

Unless one is hiding,

Or invisible,

There are only eight.

No sir,

There are nine,

I can see them all right now.

I am looking at them right now,

Working your way out you have:

The small one by the star


The second and third

Are close in size

Venus and Earth

Then there’s the red one


The big one


And then there’s the two with rings

Uranus and Saturn

And then the ever-disputed Pluto

Yes sir, and Neptune.


I don’t see Neptune,

I’m looking now.

No Neptune.



You’re standing on it…

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