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The Moon is Late - Challenge Day 38

The Moon is Late

Challenge Day 38 - Space Day 8 - The Moon is Late

The Moon is Late

It’s half past eight,

The moon is late.

I have a date,

This isn’t great.

I should be there,

I shouldn’t care,

How’s my hair?

The moon is where?

It’s not out back?

The night is black.

I’ll pack a snack,

In my backpack.

She’ll be here soon,

My sweet June,

But there is no moon,

For her to swoon.

Oh this is dumb,

I’m way too glum,

The moon will come,

Like a big white drum.

Up she drives,

I’m so alive,

We’ll leave here in five,

I hope this doesn’t nosedive.

“Hey there Pete.”

“Hey there my sweet.”

“Should we eat?”

“Pete, where’s the moon? Is it late?”

“I hadn’t noticed.”

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