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The Planets Don't Talk - Challenge Day 53

The Planets Don't Talk

Challenge Day 53 - Space Day 23 - The Planets Don't Talk

The Planets Don’t Talk

The planets don’t talk,

Well at least not anymore.

They used to have picnics,

And tea, and s’mores,

Now they are quiet

And speak only with roars.

Something had happened

A long time ago,

It was an argument,

A fight, no one knows.

But now when they talk

It almost comes to blows.

Mercury got mad at

Earth to the west,

While Venus and mars

Thought they were the best.

Jupiter’s whining

He can’t handle a jest,

Neptune is still

Upset about Pluto’s demotion,

Saturn can’t stand

The commotion,

Uranus is happy all by itself,

Spinning and staying in motion.

But today’s Mother’s Day

So they all need to come,

And play like their nice

With the rise of the sun.

But once brunch has been had

And everything’s done,

They’ll go back to anger

And talking to no one.

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