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The Purple Tree - Challenge Day 99

The Purple Tree

Challenge Day 99 - Color Day 8

The Purple Tree

Right in the middle

Of the forest of Stee,

Stands the most

Beautiful, purple tree.

Its bark is dark purple,

Like a ripe plum,

The leaves are lilac

And taste like bubble gum.

The birds all love

To land there and sing,

They flock to the branches

And songs they do bring.

It’s said that the stream

That flows next to the tree,

Tastes like pure heaven,

Sweet southern tea.

Late in the autumn,

When the branches are bare,

The purple tree slumbers,

Without a care.

The winter brings,

With all of its snow,

A white cloudy haze,

Covering head to toe.

The tree just keeps going,

Trying to stay warm.

Dreaming of summer

And all of the charm.

Spring brings the first

Hints of the sun,

The days become warmer,

Lilac leaf growing’s begun.

Finally, its summer,

With the beautiful heat,

And here I am,

In this purple tree’s retreat.

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