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The Skypainters - Challenge Day 35

The Skypainters

Challenge Day 35 - Space Day 5 - The Skypainters

The Skypainters

Every night,

Just before sunset,

The night painters

Make their way out.

They gather,

And talk,

And catch up about life,

And the they

Start their work.

They begin with a star,

As the sky starts to fade,

Adding more

As the night comes in quick.

The stars start to shine brighter,

And the moon rises higher,

With each stroke

Of these master’s brush.

As the night finally wanes,

Everything will reverse,

Sky brightens,

As we start a new day.

Just before dawn,

The day painters come,

With their orange and blues

And their sun.

Until the end of the day,

When it’s time for a change,

And the night painters

Do it all over again.

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