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The Unbelievable Underwear - Challenge Day 21

The Unbelievable Underwear

Challenge Day 21 - The Letter U - The Unbelievable Underwear

The Unbelievable Underwear


I jumped so high,

Over the buildings,

And touched the sky.

I ran so far,

And so very fast,

Before I knew it,

1,000 miles past.

I swam so deep,

To the deepest depth.

I crossed the ocean,

In just one breath.

I was so strong,

I could lift anything,

Even a plane,

By just the wing.

I was so smart,

I knew ever thing.

I solved world hunger,

And became a king.

I was so kind,

Everyone loved me,

I even had the chance,

To be on TV.

All of this happened,

In the span of one day,

And that’s why I’m wearing,

The same underwear today.

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