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The Whale Tale - Challenge Day 85

The Whale Tale

Challenge Day 85 - Animal Day 24

The Whale Tale

Back in the sea,

So long ago,

There were whales so big,

And continued to grow.

The smallest whales

Were the size of a plane,

And the biggest ones

Were completely insane.

They could swim the oceans

In only one breath,

There was no deepness

That was too deep a depth.

There was one in the north,

And two in the south,

There were a few in the middle,

But none like Mouth.

Mouth was the whale

That started it all,

Bigger then everyone,

He wore the whale crown.

Mouth ran the ocean,

He was the king,

With his trident, and scepter,

And dolphin ring.

He’d swim,

And he’d jump,

With his fin,

He’d fin pump.

Until he jumped

Once too high,

Way, way too high,

All the way through the sky.

Through the clouds,

With some fear,

As it became clear,

He’s past atmosphere.

And now he’s stuck

There out in space,

Mouth’s now the moon,

King Whale of that place.

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