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Toilets! - Challenge Day 20


Challenge Day 20 - The Letter T - Toilets!


In the Amazon jungle,

Way back to the right,

Is a place not well known,

Kept away, out of sight.

Not much is said,

Of this place that few know,

But there’s something special

About what they grow.


Have you ever wondered

Where toilets came from?

Well wonder no longer,

About that question.

They come from big trees.

Toilet trees are their names.

They are tall, they are blue,

And no two are the same.

The ones that grow left,

Are the ones for your home.

The ones that grow right,

Are can stand on their own.

The ones with no branches,

Will make all the John’s.

The ones with red leaves,

Will be plastic ones.

Then there are skinny ones,

Those ones are for kids.

And of course all the fat ones,

Are where we get lids.

There are more shapes and sizes,

For all of our needs,

They make the best toilets,

And they make them with speed.

So next time you use one,

At home or somewhere,

Remember the jungle,

And the toilet trees there.

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