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Vera's Violet Isn't Violet - Challenge Day 22

Vera's Violet Isn't Violet

Challenge Day 22 - The Letter V - Vera's Violet Isn't Violet

Vera's Violet Isn't Violet

Vera’s violet isn’t violet,

Vera doesn’t know why?

She waters it every day,

Never letting it go dry.

She got it as a tiny seed,

And has grown it all herself,

She gives it all the sun she can,

Soaking rays up on the shelf.

As she’s taken special care,

The violet’s grown full height.

Vera was so excited for the flowers,

But she saw a confusing sight.

The flowers that she thought would be,

Some type of violet hue,

Have come out looking funny,

A purple color mixed with blue.

So Vera went to the store,

Where she had bought the buds,

She told them about her violet problem,

And about her flower dud.

The manager asked her kindly,

Why she thought these flowers weren’t right?

She told him that there’s obviously

Not a bit of pink in sight.

The manger took a second

Looking at the plant she’d brought,

He then explained to Vera,

That violet isn’t what she’d thought.

Violet is a purply blue,

Exactly like this plant right here.

I’m sorry to inform you,

But this violet’s color is clear.

Vera thought for a minute,

About the flower she’d brought there,

Then asked what flower,

Had the pinkish, reddish flair?

So Vera’s violet was violet,

But not exactly what she thought.

Now Vera has a pink pink,

And needs a real nice pot.

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