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We Made It - Challenge Day 114

We Made It

Challenge Day 114 - Color Day 23

We Made It

We drove through the day,

And most of the night.

Five in the car

And more than one fight.

Hundreds of miles

Dozens of stops,

All of this driving

To get to this spot.

As we pull in

It’s still way too dark,

But there’s some pounding

Here in this park.

My sister is sleeping,

The dog there is too,

But I’m not tired

In this carlike zoo.

I’d slept in the trunk

On top of the bags,

From 11 this morning,

Until that mad honking Jag.

So here we are

Loading into this room,

Everyone’s too tired

Even the overhead moon.

But I didn’t sleep

Instead I went for a walk,

Out towards the water,

Sit down on the dock.

And there it is,

The sun starts to rise,

There’s nothing as incredible

As that colorful surprise.

We made it!

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