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We're All Blue Whales - Challenge Day 112

We're All Blue Whales

Challenge Day 112 - Color Day 21

We’re All Blue Whales

We’re all blue whales

With fins for tails,

We have blow holes

And whale blubber rolls.

We dive real deep,

And love deep sleep,

The Sun is bright,

The big bright light,

And krill is best

After a long rest.

We’re large,

In charge,

As big as a barge,

And quite funny.

We’re quick to smile,

Nap for a while,

It’s tough to dial,

Our whale phones.

You know,

Cuz our fins our huge.

It’s hard to be

This big sometimes.

But at least we’re all blue whales.

You know there are

Creatures that are not

Blue whales, right?


What did you think

Everything else was?


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