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Weird Crayons - Challenge Day 110

Weird Crayons

Challenge Day 110 - Color Day 19

Weird Crayons

I bet it’s hard

To think of colors

When all the good

ones are taken.

Yellow’s yellow,

And green is green,

But what to do

When more color’s cakin.

Yellow becomes

Macaroni and cheese,

And Orange is now

Neon carrot.

There’s Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown,

And Orange’s Outrageous,

Then purple Pizzazz,

Is something like a parrot.

Timberwolf’s a

Nice light grey,

Inch worm is

Some type of green.

Robin Egg blue

Is something new,

And Laser Lemon

Looks good and mean.

I guess when you

Can’t use light or dark,

Because they’ve all

Been used,

The only thing

That you can do,

Is come up with

Colors fused.

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