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What Was That? - Challenge Day 30

What Was That?

Challenge Day 60 - Space Day 30 - What Was That?

What Was That?

What was that?

Just a cat?

Or a cat in a hat?

A cat in a hat with a bat?

It is there.

There where it’s bare.

There where it’s bare with a hare.

Or is it bear with a hair?

What’s that thing?

That thing with the ring?

That thing with the ring that can’t sing?

The ring, that can’t sing, and some bling.

Where are we?

Are we close to the sea?

The sea that is loved by the bees.

The bees that loves Bree, just like me.

Should we go?

Should we go before snow?

Before the snow we should row.

Row home before the snow starts to blow.

It’s the end.

The end of this pen.

This pen that this story did spend.

The story that end won’t suspend.

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